Digital perfection for all recordings with the most-sold music-restoration software in the world.

iRecordMax Sound Recorder - All-in-one solution for all your audio needs!

Import & Record

iRecordMax is your universal recorder for any medium; transfer your favorite records, tapes, and all other audio media quickly and in perfect quality. One click, and recording is on.

You can also record streaming audio, Mic input, Line-in input, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, as well as CDs and DVDs. Recorded sound can be saved in wav-file format, mp3 format, OGG format or WMA format.

Cut, edit, master

iRecordMax is your complete audio solution. Use it to perfectly cut, copy, master, and edit all of your recordings in detail.

Do you play an instrument? iRecordMax can create finished productions that sound just like store-bought CDs from your solo recordings! Thanks to the easy handling, everything takes place as if by itself, and no prior experience is necessary!

iRecordMax is also the first choice for adding audio effects like amplify, compressor, delay, equalize, fade in and fade out, flanger, invert, normalize, phaser, reverb, reverse, silence, stretch, vibrato, etc.

Burn & Export

To enjoy your complete music collection consisting of LPs, cassettes and other audio media digitally via your CD player, simply burn your recordings at the click of a button to CD & DVD.

If you like things to be compact, iRecordMax offers you an especially practical solution: Up to 10 hours of music can be burned to CD in MP3 format!

With the help of the export function, you can experience your music collection on the go – on your cell phone or MP3 player!

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iRecordMax Sound Recorder Box

Did you know?

1, Use the timer to record e.g. nightly radio shows and play them in your car;

2, Did you know you can record up to 6 hours of radio to your PC;

3, Use the Noise filter for cleaning cassette tape recordings. Save your old but precious audio tapes to CD with the iRecordMax;

4, Why not use iRecordMax to record Internet Radiobroadcasts;

5, Record the first words of your toddlers and put them on CD for their grandparents;

6, Record your home karaoke sessions and put them on CD;

7, Add your voice to a PowerPoint presentation by recording it to an MP3 file;

8, Get the music on your DVDs to CD and play them in your car. Preachers record their Sunday sermon and make them available as MP3 files on their web site;

9, Record your family Christmas greetings and mail them as MP3 to your family and friends abroad;

10, And More!